Voice User Interface (VUI) Design

Our Process


In-depth User Research

It is imperative to gather user-research data from the conceptual stage of your project. Users could respond to your prompts in a variety of different ways. This allows us to expect the unexpected during the early stages of your project while continually checking conversational logs for improvement.


Dialogue / Conversational Design

Sample dialogues are drawn up of how a user would interact with your application in a hypothetical scenario. The dialogues we outline will be credibly powerful in understanding how users interact and communicate in order to achieve certain objectives. This process becomes more complex as we add turns and back-and-forths into the conversation.


Visual Mock-Ups

Our VUI mock ups provide an in-depth overview of the capabilities of your voice application, in addition to avenues and nuances of conversation that would be otherwise left out. The dialogues and mock up acts as a storyboard of the user experience.


Flow Development

Flow diagrams are illustrative paths that can be taken through your VUI application. The diagram categorises user objectives and creates avenues users can go down. For more complex or ambiguous commands, the flow board can be separated into specific intents.



AI tools and real voice beta testers put our designs to the test. Testing and monitoring are coordinated efforts to ensure the application can respond accurately and correctly to a large variety of commands. Furthermore, our beta testers will give live, in-depth feedback on the responses and contribute necessary edits in order to make the experience frictionless and natural.



Our VUI designers will work closely with the development team in order to execute the designs at hand. The designers will ensure all confirmation strategies are native to the application while effectively delivering the user objective. Furthermore, the developers and designers will work closely in order to manage error handling and ambiguous input.


What is VUI?
VUI is an acronym for voice user interface. These interfaces allow you to interact with an application or technology through speech without the need for typing or any other form of interaction. Developing an Alexa Skill Application without considering your VUI is like developing a mobile app without any design or UI experience.
Why is it important?
VUI designers play a critical role in the conception and development of your application. Our designers delve deep into the conversational design of your technology and know how to effectively leverage the nuances of conversation to achieve your business objectives. Furthermore, with more and more digital assistants utilising visual capabilities in tandem to voice, it is imperative to have a VUI designer on hand to harmonise the two mediums.
What does the process involve?
One of the best ways to begin the design process is to create a sample dialogue of how a specific user in a specific circumstance will interact with your technology in order to achieve an action or goal. However, relying on this alone creates an unnatural and limited experience. Therefore, the VUI process involves a client-agency strategy session, in-depth user research, sample dialogues, visual mock-ups of the flows of conversation, prototyping and intensive testing.
How long does it take?
Our design timeline depends on the size of your project, the nuances of the conversation at hand and the complexity of the tasks. It could take anywhere between 3-12 weeks to complete a VUI deliverable to a client.
How much does it cost?
The cost of a project depends on the size and complexity of your application. Our costs for designing an effective voice user interface ranges between £10,000 – £150,000 GBP.